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Well made all around. Movement felt good and smooth. The idea of giving a feel for the fully powered character before taking away the powers is interesting. The punch felt a bit useless probably because of the low range of it. After losing the ability to shoot I just ignored every enemy going forward. All around a very nice experience :)

Glad you liked it! There will be an after jam update once the games are unlocked for editing. We'll make the punch feel more useful.


As others have said, I like the idea of losing abilities as a mechanic in the game. It gives a nice twist on the normal progression mechanic. 

I found the game fairly easy to get through even without attacking anything. This is mostly to do with the low damage the enemies did, even when I was bouncing off them.

The movement and response felt really nice, easy to handle and control. 

One maybe bug I found was hitting enter again after the game started seemed to finish the game (got a "Thanks for playing" screen) and I had to restart the game.

THANK YOOOOUUU!! We appreciate your kind words!!

Thanks! The game was actually planned to be much harder but we ran out of time to add checkpoints haha. We wanted players to experience the whole game, which would be frustrating if they had to restart the game after every death.


This was pretty cool. Really solid game. I thought the idea of having the player loose abilities over time is something that you don't see as often, and was really refreshing. I especially liked the player loosing the ability to jump relatively early, since that is something one (or at least me) is completely accostomed to having and relying on it. Of course there are some minor bugs in there, most of them relating to the 'cutscenes' like hanging in the air if you just jumped beforehand,  still being able to punch and still hearing yourself shoot, but all of those are really minor things in an otherwise solid game. Good music, a nice aesthetic, and a fun ending. Good job with the jam!


Thank you so much!!! We hope to fix all the bugs!!


Glad you liked it!


Pretty well made short game, even if a little rough around the edges as the description already says. Nevertheless, here's some feedback for each area:

Gameplay: Most importantly the controls work well. Moving, jumping or shooting feel like they should and haven't failed me once.

As for the actual challenge, I actually picked up on the theme very fast on my first playthrough I took the challenges as a test and didn't defeat any enemies, stopped using my ground pound after I got told not to use it and so on, thinking that would lead to some sort of "good" ending. On my second run I experimented a bit more and noticed that I actually couldn't use the abilities any more.

Graphics: As described, rough around the edges. But still, the main character art looks nice and a lot of effort went into making the parallax background which really helps making the otherwise simple level design look good.

Sound: The music itself is really good, which makes it a shame that the audio quality in the third part seems subpar. I'm no audio professional, so I don't know exactly what went wrong, but maybe the output volume is simply to loud, crushing the audio?

Yeah we had some problems with the level design but we hope to fix it!!!

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Thanks! Our wonderful teammate Kallai made all the music.

There will be an after jam update to fix the roughness once the games are unlocked for editing. We'll add an effect to show when you lose an ability.